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“So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another. Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith; Or ministry, let us wait on our ministering: or he that teacheth, on teaching; Or he that exhorteth, on exhortation: he that giveth, let him do it with simplicity; he that ruleth, with diligence; he that sheweth mercy, with cheerfulness”. Romans 12:5-8

Membership care is a ministry with a heart to care and exhort one another that we may be edified and encouraged to grow and mature in Christ Jesus. There are many areas in Selah Ministries that are specialized to preach and teach the gospel. We meet the needs of a growing congregation by keeping the bond of unity, recognizing our members achievements, and caring or comforting families that are afflicted or in need. Grace and care is shown by our acts of love for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Selah Ministries is one family comprised of many families united in Christ, worshipping the Triune God (The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost), laboring together in love for the sake of the brethren, reaching the lost, and making an impact within our local communities. With this in mind, our focus will always be for the good of the flock with special attention given to new members of the Selah family.

New Members:

As a new member of the Selah Ministries family, it is important to stay in consistent fellowship. Those who are mature in the faith will help assist younger members with their walk of faith which includes:
o Regular Attendance. Christians need to be in regular attendance at church services as much as possible.
o Growth. One-on-one mentoring is important for full understanding of the Holy scriptures, church etiquette and programs, etc.
o Fulfillment. Potential in Jesus Christ will be reached in every facet of life when a saint is in their proper place in the body of Christ.

We would like to personally recognize our members for birthdays and other special achievements within and outside of the ministry. Cards and/or small gifts may be appropriate in showing our love in their accomplishments.

We are encouraged to visit homes, hospitals, nursing homes to assure individuals of Christ’s love for them and the church’s continued support. Communion, service tapes or CDs, teaching documents, get-well cards can be shared with a member who cannot attend church services.

Men and Women’s Fellowships:
These ministries are aimed at developing Christian men and women to reach their fulfillment and purpose in Christ Jesus. God looks for men and women to take their places in His divine order, therefore we strive to live according to His word and endeavor to reach all people to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and be led by the Holy Spirit in all areas of our lives.

There are times when our church family may need financial or material assistance and we would like to bless them as needed. These matters are of a sensitive nature and will be handled accordingly by the Pastor, membership and financial team leaders.

When the death of a church member or death within the family of a church member occurs, we will contact the family along with our Hospitality team to see what help is needed. Flowers, cards, resolutions, etc. will be given on behalf of the ministry.


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