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Our History

Selah Ministries began approximately 25 years ago as a praise and worship music ministry. In 1997, God called Selah Ministries to become a church family under the pastoral leadership of Minister Dwight Brown.

The first church service was held in the home of Willie and Annie Brown, the patriarch and matriarch of the ministry. Regular church services soon began at the Veranda Hall in Trotwood, Ohio. The Veranda Hall was home for Selah Ministries for five years.

In 2002, Selah Ministries purchased its first church building at 38 S. Fairgreen Avenue in Dayton, Ohio where it currently resides. Although Selah Ministries Church started with one family, it now encompasses many families under one vision and one mission, that being the teaching and preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Selah Ministries Church is a ministry that is focused on families and communities.

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